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5 Tips That Will Help Your Job Search Now!!

5 Tips That Will Help Your Job Search Now!!

Number 1 - Do NOT Apply Directly Through Job Boards!

Instead, approach the Hiring Manager directly! (e.g. CEO)

Number 2 - Build a Relationship with Your LinkedIn Connection.

Your network is your net worth, most of the jobs come from a referral.

Number 3 - Revised your CV according to the Keyword in the Job Description.

That's how you can Pass the HR/Recruiters and Bypass the Applicant Tracking System.

Number 4 - You don't need a CV to apply for any jobs, always be creative!

The key is to think about how to ensure you can stand out in the competition.

Number 5 - Watch my FREE 100 minutes Masterclass that teach you 3 Critical Career Skills.

You will learn how to write your CV, prepare for your Interviews, and find out the hidden job opportunities!

If you are interested to know more and watch my Masterclass Now...

Please do the following, I will then reply to you with the link and it's FREE!

- Follow Keith Lau - Your Recruitment Adviser for more career advice

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- Comment: Masterclass

Can't wait to provide more practice tips and lifelong career skills to you!

Hope it helps!!


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