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5 Things NOT TO DO During Your First Interview:

5 Things NOT TO DO During Your First Interview:

1. Don't lie on your CV. Be honest!

2. Don't bad-mouth your old company. Cause the moment you start to bad-mouth your old company the Interviewer may think "Is he/she will talk about us too?"

3. Don't let the Interviewer feels that you are desperate for this job. Cause they will have questions in their mind. "Are you a Loser? Why you can't find a job?"

4. Don't be too friendly to the interviewer unless you know that person personally. Otherwise, the Interviewer will feel uncomfortable and don't want to build a relationship with you.

5. Don't ask about the salary or benefits too early. Cause the Interviewer may think, you only interested in the salary, but not the job!

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