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350 candidates applied Only 15 survived.

350 candidates applied Only 15 survived.

And after phone screened, only 5 shortlisted for Interview.

Finally, only 1 gets the job!

Do you know why?

This is a typical funnel for Recruitment!

Apparently, there are a few crucial steps that you always ignore, are the ones that kill you:

"System filter" = ATS, and

"HR filter" = 6 seconds.

Not to mention other Interview skills, etc.

Join me and James Lee MBA (Melbourne) on this coming week, we will tell you why and how to survive through these process!

We are doing a LIVE Demo, can also use your CV and LinkedIn profile. Perform a full AUDIT check & assessment for you!

Our aim to help you secure the Interview & great LinkedIn profile.

Join Us:

"Live Demo to Pass 6 sec and to pass ATS, by Keith Lau and James Lee"

Date: 17 June 2020 (Wed)

Time: 9PM HK Time (UTC+8)

Like & comment "Promo", I'll give you a discount to join & learn with us!


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