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3 Things you need to consider if you need to find jobs

3 Things you need to consider if you need to find jobs

And I have prepared a career change checklist for you for FREE.

There is a lot of Thinking and need to "Ask Yourself" questions!

It is not an easy decision to make a change & difficult to find jobs now.

Because the economy is tough & everyone affected by #coronavirus

3 Quick Tips for you:

1) DON'T THINK - Focus on losing your job or already applied 100 jobs but no feedback.

If you follow me, I'm doing a 30 days program to help you to get back your feet.

So we can start over again together & I'll be holding your hands.

Watch my previous video on my FB page or YouTube channel. (Ask me if you need the link)

2) THINK - About Yourself - What values you can bring?

Nowadays companies require specialists rather than generalists!

What is your ideal dream job? The culture, the work style, the boss & colleagues you like?

3) THINK - Any Resources - Who can help you & where you can find them?

Tomorrow my LIVE video will discuss more!

If you want to get my career change checklist for FREE, please do the following:

- Follow Me

- Like this post

- Comment "checklist" so that I know

- Share this post = caring for your own network

I'll send you the link afterward.


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