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3 things you'd probably not know about the Recruiters!

3 things you'd probably not know about the Recruiters!

What is your biggest frustration when working with HR or Recruiters so far?

Being "ghosted" by them & always no response?

1 - Recruiters did NOT serve you, they treat you like "Candy" only. Why?

Because they're getting paid from the clients & you didn't pay any penny.

They'll network with you but if you are 'not useful', they'll just ignore you!

2 - Recruiters will ask questions to GET information from you. Not Interview!

They want to have market intelligence, the name of the referral & who is hiring.

At the end of the day, they need to do business development & approach clients.

3 - Recruiters WON'T help you to find jobs & they're not your 'Labour Department'

They need to match the best talent on behalf of their clients.

So they have every right to choose whom they want.

Hiring is really a discrimination game!

You need to first catch their attention & proof that you're Good candidate!

The question for you is how to be attractive & disruptive to work with HR/ recruiters!

If you want to know, I can help you in every aspect to find your ideal #nextRoles.

Interested, please do:

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I'll send you the details afterward!

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