3 Things that will hold you back from Getting an Interview Opportunity!

3 Things that will hold you back from Getting an Interview Opportunity!

Do you know who is holding you back from Changing or Applying Jobs?

The answer is: YOU 👊👊

I’ve mentioned to candidates or job seekers, you have to change your mindset or entire behaviour.

Here are 3 things that are not helping to get your Interview:

1️⃣ - Apply for Jobs Massively

2️⃣ - Using the same resume, the same method

3️⃣ - Only rely on one channel or rely on recruitment agency help

❓ Why it is not correct? What do you think? Comment below.

And you should also learn more about Recruitment and how does the process work.

So you will know what HR / Recruiters and Hiring Managers want from you.

📣📣I am going to host a completely NEW Masterclass to reveal the Secrets WHY from the HR point of view.

Topic - “Secrets that HR and Recruiters will NEVER tell you!” and target to take 10 people in.

If you want to know more and enrol please do the following:

1 – LIKE this content and Write “Masterclass” in the comment ✅

2 – Send me an invite, I’ll accept anyone and want to know you better ✅

Then I will inbox and send you the details afterwards.

Keith Lau - Your Recruitment Adviser #nextRoles

#hiringandpromotion #humanresources #jobinterviews #careers #jobs

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