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2019 - No pay rise; what's happened?

2019 - No pay rise; what's happened?

2020 - No pay rise; due to COVID-19?


Staff: Sorry, I decided to resign from this job.

Boss: Oh, No... Why? What's wrong?

Staff: I found a job and have a Better Salary!!

Boss: How much more?

Staff: 40%

Boss: -----

After 2 days...

Boss: OK, we will match it, can you stay? You are a great performer!

Staff: Um... sorry, it's too late!~

Leaders, you need to listen to your team's requirements and take good care of the talent!

Just... Before it's TOO LATE!! Who is with me?? 👇

Talented people are in scarcity and will always be.

I just shortlisted a candidate yesterday and arranged 2 Interviews for him today!

So... if you need talent, hurry up and do something!!

Hello Jobseekers, if you need my FREE Resume Help, please:

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I will send you the details and link asap.

Welcome to visit nextRoles or send me a DM to discuss more!!


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