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You want to find a job OR you want to keep sending 100 CVs but no response?

You want to find a job OR you want to keep sending 100 CVs but no response?

Tonight we have LIVE Masterclass to teach you how to secure unlimited Interview.

If you don't register & once again "forget" to join us. That's not our fault or problem.

You just miss this golden opportunity to have the transformation change.

You just miss the chance to learn something new & able to use it for your lifetime.

The world still the same, James & I still have to raise our children.

But the fact is You still have to find jobs using the conventional way but no feedback.

I don't recommend you to learn anything or change. Be yourself, work hard & send more CVs.

You can achieve your goals to find a job. It's just a matter of time, perhaps after the #Coronavirus which I don't know when.

Keep the old way, keep your existing CV & using the same attitude for Interview.

You will still find the result and Career Coach is a waste of time & money for you.

You can still find the information from Mr. Google & spend more time searching or reading.

Last chance for enrollment, we will not do it again & I don't want to repeat again!

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Then we will send you the link & details to someone who needs help. See you tonight!

Keith Lau #nextRoles


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