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You don't have to be Superman to coach someone & help them to find a job!

You don't have to be Superman to coach someone & help them to find a job!

Group of 4 Asia Recruitment Experts are serving the #linkedIn community...

We understand your needs and we are providing good services for FREE!

We are going to empower more than 100 people who registered our Webinar!!

This is Tonight! Do you want to register as well??

Date / Time: June 26th, 2020 (Friday) at 9:30pm (Hong Kong Time; UTC +8)

60 Minutes LIVE and we will share: Why you need your Plan B Career!

1. Your Company's Plan B for You by Keith

2. 5 Ts to a Plan B Mindset by Cindi

3. 5 Es to an Effective Job Search by Nidhi

4. Power of Networking by James

Come and learn from us the 4 things you need to start doing to have a foolproof Plan B for your career!

Follow Us for More Career Advice:

Keith Lau - Your Recruitment Adviser 34,600+ Followers

JAMES FOK🔅 Your Career Buddy 56,800+ Followers

Cindi Wirawan 林幸妮 🌟Your Millennial Career Coach 13,000+ Followers

Nidhi Chauhan☀️ Your Recruitment Coach🎯 55,000+ Followers

We have 36+ years of combined recruitment experience! Helped more than 2000+ people around Asia!

You may follow these company pages & Hashtag as well:


PeopleCare Asia



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