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"You don't have a FULL-Time Job?"

"You don't have a FULL-Time Job?"

I've heard this many times recently...

Yes, why not? I want to look after my kid.

Someone will ask: "Why can't you work but your wife does that?"

Well... It seems full of outdated gender roles?

To be honest... I attend all the school functions on behalf of my wife.

Raising children is not my wife's job. We raise our kids together.

Equally, my role as a father is more than bringing home a paycheck.

I don't want to miss any moment with my kid because I need to complete an urgent work task.

As parents, we need to set boundaries and find the strength to stick to them, even when others are challenging our life choices.

There's no job more important than parenting.

Who is with me??

If you are struggling with your job search or to change your jobs in this pandemic so that you can enjoy the work-life balance.

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