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You can secure an Interview with LinkedIn Message!

You can secure an Interview with LinkedIn Message!

LinkedIn is 10 times more powerful than you think when you are looking for job opportunities.

No matter you are connecting with HR/ recruiters, hiring managers, and your old connections.

If you send your LinkedIn message to the right people who can make the hiring decision.

If you are able to network and build a relationship with them, you should have no trouble getting a job!

I know things seem dire, but now is the right time to equip yourself with new job searching skills.

Quick Tips:

- Talk to the decision-marker from the top-down approach, reach out to the CEO if that is possible!

- Always provide value upfront, recommend solutions based on the problem that they had.

- Showcase your expertise to help but NOT to say: can you review my CV or refer a job to me.

- Always remember to set up the next steps, recommend extra solutions, and Give values!

If you are interested to register and join the 1-hour LIVE webinar with me and JAMES FOK🔅 Your Career Buddy

Please do the following:

- Follow Keith Lau - Your Recruitment Adviser

- Write "LIVE" in the comment below

- Visit nextRoles page, and click the "Sign-up" button!

- Like and Share this post See you!

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