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Why you should attach your Cover Letter?

Why you should attach your Cover Letter?

A cover letter is important, gives you an opportunity to present yourself & convince companies to meet with you.

One of the common reasons is they asked for it from their Job Ads, so follow their instructions.

Another common reason is you are applying through ATS (applicant tracking system), and you want to fill all the fields.

Although most of the recruiters may not be interested in it, still cover letter have value.

Simply, you may replace the core part of the cover letter into your application email as content.

And if you are really serious about landing the job with your ideal company.

You should attach your “Atypical” cover letter with story-telling elements and connect you with the companies.

Don’t send out the “Traditional” cover letter that summarizes or repeat the facts from your resume. That’s boring & nobody would be interested in it.

Spend time to craft a special cover letter that will help. No cover letter is much better than a poorly written one.

Always proofread it before sending out so you can make a good impression.

Wants to learn more tricks about that?

No problem - connect with me (send me an invite), then message me directly.

I hope to add value to you all. Keith Lau - Your Recruitment Adviser #nextRoles


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