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Why Staying in a company for 20 years is actually bad for you?

Why Staying in a company for 20 years is actually bad for you?

I've witnessed many cases of people who stayed in a company for more than 10 years.

They may unexpectedly become unemployed due to

- Merger & Acquisitions

- Company Restructure - Management Change

- Laid off or Job scope change

- Other reasons like a request to relocate, etc.

They are loyal to the company & normally will turn down other offers.

They will not answer the recruiter’s call, not even looking & did not have any Interview elsewhere.

So how long is “too long to stay at a job”? What is the best strategy? It all depends!

I see some successful candidates, they changed jobs after 5 years with a promotion.

If you work at the same job for too long, people will get used to their comfort zone.

Employers may assume that you are not aggressive, not motivated or no drive to achieve results.

Of course, everyone’s career path is different, it also depends on luck.

But my advice to you is: Always Open to any opportunities.

What do you think? Comment below.

If you feel you are stuck with your career, need any advice & guidance. Do connect with me!

Send me a direct message, I’ll provide assistance for your CV & Interview Skills, Job Search Direction & Strategy.


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