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Why Sending Direct Message is Actually Bad For You??

Why Sending Direct Message is Actually Bad For You??

Many people send DM for promotion, apply for jobs, BUT...

I want to tell you, it doesn't work! Think about it... If it works,

you will receive a lot of replies or messages already!!

However, I do receive more than 300 DMs every day. How? 👇

So, you must ask... what can I do to Interact with other people?

👉 Posting your own content and Commenting on their posts!

Yes, that's it! Pretty simple!!

There are lots of LinkedIn Automation Tools, do you think are useful?

No, even you have a lot of "Campaigns" but it's slow and violates the LinkedIn rule.

You need to pay for the services BUT still, no one will reply to your message.

It's because you are selling and promoting your product or company...

When you are sending DM to people, you are asking someone to do something for you...

E.g. Can you review my Resume? I'm looking for a job, etc...

Everyone is busy, but if you can POST your ideas and share your insights...

You should also add value to your audience and actually help them~

They are curious to learn more from you and approach you directly!

You can also Like, Comment, and Share their post to interact with anyone!

Build the relationship so that you can work with them together...

Personally, I've commented on at least 15 Influencers every day...

That's Why I've Increased my Followers from Scratch to 120,000 in just 14 months!

I earn 6-figures USD as a side income, passively by just doing this on LinkedIn!

If you want to learn exactly how to do it, I have 2 hours of Training for you...

Share with you 5-Step Secret Formula for Branding & Monetization on LinkedIn.

You can also claim a FREE Scan & Audit your Profile!

Interested, please do:

- Follow Keith LAU - Your LinkedIn Branding Trainer

- Comment: "LINKEDIN!"

- Like and share this post

I can't wait to see you and empower more people!~

Let's Win The LinkedIn!~ ❤



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