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Why Removing LinkedIn Connection is Good For Growing your LinkedIn?

Why Removing LinkedIn Connection is Good For Growing your LinkedIn?

If you have too many inactive (or fake) accounts connected with you...

What happens? 👇

Then when you post, especially in the first 2 critical hours...

You will have fewer likes, comments or shares... and hence...

Not many 2nd or 3rd connections are able to view your post!

Agree? What do you think?? Comment below and let's share!

Therefore in my opinion, what you should do regularly?

Review your connections, if...

- They are a fake account

- They are inactive for a long time

- Incomplete profile (or most of the info are blank)

- Less than 50 connections?

- Maybe they don't have a photo on their LinkedIn Profile

- Not really your target audience (e.g. location, etc)

This exercise may need some of your time, but definitely worth doing it!

If you need more help and want to learn some insider tips and tricks on LinkedIn!

I have 2 hours of LinkedIn Training for Branding & Monetization

You can also claim a FREE Scan & Audit of your LinkedIn Profile!

If you want to receive the link & details, then:

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NOW --> Let's Win The LinkedIn!



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