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Why Physically Mail Your CV is Good for Job Searching??

Why Physically Mail Your CV is Good for Job Searching??

In a world where many of us send emails & just click "Apply" through job boards.

It is easy to overlook the power of a real letter delivered by the postman!

With so much information coming by email, sending a Physical CV could be so special!!

This Creative action is really thinking out of the box and show your passion & sincerity.

This letter can help make your message special and more memorable to the HR & Hiring Manager.

Because to be honest, no one really does it now. Can you also FAX your CV nowadays??

This is a real story.. When I was working as HR, I received a girl apply for my Digital Marketing role.

Supposed Digital Marketer knowledgable with technology, but she chooses to send a mail to us.

really touched by the Cover Letter & the mailed CV, so I pass the application to the Hiring Manager.

Hey, #jobseekers would you try something new? Do you want to get hired as soon as possible??

We now formed as a team of 4 Asia recruitment experts to help you secure your dream job in 21 days.

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