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Why I Post Video on LinkedIn Only Have 500 Views?

Why I Post Video on LinkedIn Only Have 500 Views?

Did people say posting video is more valuable?

What are the best practices? 👇

My first LinkedIn native video post only has 11 likes.

Indeed, videos are counted after the content is played for 3 seconds.

That means video view counts will always be lower than normal post views (such as Text).

Video views are a signal of attention and are worth between 3x and 5x of a post view.

To have a better LinkedIn video post, some tips for you...

1) Optimize your setup

2) Capture attention from the start

3) Essential information upfront

4) Design for sound off

5) Include Closed Captions

6) Vary the shot

7) Choose the right video length

8) Close with Call to Action

9) Use the word "Video" and add a hashtag, etc...

If you want to know more ideas for your Video Post...

I wanted to share everything that I know...

I have 2 hours of LinkedIn Training and Quickly Scan and Audit your profile.

Interested, please:

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