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Why do over 90% of CVs get rejected?

Why do over 90% of CVs get rejected?

Here are 4 things summarized what I found after reviewed many CVs.

1. Summary: a good summary is an opening statement connect your, profile. It should answer "Why do you need to hire me?”

2. Achievements: Don't list down all their job duties, skills, etc... What are the highlights? What are the measurable results?

3. Roles & companies: These are deal-breakers for HR to shortlist your CVs which have similar roles or from good companies (your background).

4. Academic qualifications: Degrees & grades are NOT important for some roles. But a graduate from a good school will still have a better chance.

Others - most importantly the formatting! Does anyone wants to look at ugly A4 paper?!

A well-written CV & Cover letter, as well as your All-Star LinkedIn Profile, helps your personal branding!

(simply as no grammar error or careless mistakes!)

Any more points to consider? Comment below and share!!

If you need help with your job search, what I can do:

- Provide an ATS-Free CV Template for you

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