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Why Directly Approach CEO is Worth Your Attention?

Why Directly Approach CEO is Worth Your Attention?

If you are #jobseekers want to find a job, READ THIS!

Just like a Salesperson send a message, whom you should Pitch??

There is only one shot to engage CEOs... so how to Get their attention?

CEOs are extremely busy so remember you are not requesting them to read your CV!!

Instead of trying to think of the magical sentence, what you should do:

Consider what CEOs are willing and able to give, so use a gentle ask!!

How to write your email? Short and sharp, intended for reading on the phone, please!

Salespeople often make email overly long and complex, who will response??

If an email from an unknown recipient & requires them to scroll, it's not getting read.

Also, try to find common contacts, interests, or school when reaching out.

Follow up as well as carefully target your CEO would be a strategy for you to know!!

If you are interested to know more, step by step or move or move tactics...

I have a FREE Masterclass to teach you how to do so!

Interested, please do the following:

- Comment: CEO below

- Like and share this post

You can rely on your #LinkedIn to connect with anyone!

Everyone can refer a job to you!

True?? Who's with me??


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