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Why Building your Personal Branding is So Powerful Now?

Why Building your Personal Branding is So Powerful Now?

As you may aware I have teamed up with 3 more Coaches in Asia & held a LIVE Event!

May 21st 2020 (Thu) at 9:30pm (UTC +8); Registration via @nextRoles, click the "Sign Up"!

We not only attracted many #jobseekers who registered & want to learn from us...

We did attract other Career Coaches who want to partner & worked with us!!

Guys, I am not asking you to become influencers, but at least have your presence & a great profile!

If you write an article or posts today, not only you can stand out in your industry.

But also share your thoughts, your experience, your values & your influence with other people.

Your social interactions, engagement & building relationship with other people do matters.

If you have a better profile, people will reach out to you, you don't need to seek for jobs.

This is why Personal Branding & LinkedIn are powerful. You can do it as well!

Here are quick tips for you, if you wish to have an impact on LinkedIn:

- Establishing your professional brand (with a better profile)

- Finding the Right people & connect with them

- Engaging with insights & start posting

- Building a long-term relationship with your social activities

Coaches, Contact Us if you wish to explore further partnership!


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