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Whom you learn from is more important than what you learn!

Whom you learn from is more important than what you learn!

Yesterday I met with my sifu, my mentor, who hired me the first recruitment job.

This charming person – Philip Lee, as you may all know from the newspaper, he is enjoying his successful life!

Every time you will see from the TV or whatever Phil’s IG, you will see his confidence and happy photos with his wife and sons.

He taught me everything from how to wear a suit, how to shine your shoes as well as how to wear a tie.

He would buy me for dinner and his bar for drinks so that I will learn how to build a relationship with other people.

My earlier career was just promoting toothpaste to the Dentist, but Phil is willing to take the risk to hire me and train me.

I would like to thank him for everything he has told me and spent your valuable time with me. It's so important lesson for me!

A good mentor is someone will support and encourage you to reach for higher goals, and you’ll have a secret weapon that can take you to the top level!

Phil has proven experience to grow a recruiter team from scratch and his company is expanding in China and other parts of Asia.

So if you are interested to become recruiters – please talk to him. Like and comment!


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