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Who will give you BAD career advice?

Who will give you BAD career advice?

Most probably your spouse or your parents.

Whenever I want to change my job and asked my wife. Her answer is always to find a job with highest-paid.

Whenever I discuss with my wife about my career problem. Her answer is to stay there, you will have a paycheck every month end.

Or do you remember when you were young and asked your parents?

What should I study? And what was the answer?

They will tell you to choose whatever that can earn a living.

Then finish your study, find a stable job and climb up to the career ladder.

And if you have any career problems and want to talk to your parents.

But their advice seems like based on a 50-year-old economic model.

Can you get help from your friends or colleagues or your HR?

So should I stay and work hard, and then rewards will follow?

Or should I find my passion and study something else?

I’d recommend you to discuss this matter with your Recruitment Adviser.

They can provide advice designed to help you grow.

You may find something you like in the long run and life-changing.

Write “Career” in the comment and let me know if you are thinking of a job search.

I hope I can add value and help you when making critical career decisions.


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