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When you know you will be disappointed.

When you know you will be disappointed.

You are well prepared for today's Interview.

Can we guess what's wrong?

Supposed you are scheduled to meet with Mr. A (the boss).

You did all the research about the Interviewer & the Company.

However, when you arrived at the office.

HR told you Mr. A is busy & needs to attend a sudden meeting.

You will gonna meet with Mr. B (another colleague) instead.

How do you feel? Comment below! Have you experienced before?

You don't know the background of this 'New' Interviewer.

And not sure whether Mr. B's role in the hiring process.

You can't use what you've prepared & felt so helpless.

What can you do? How to deal with this situation?

It really happens sometime in the corporate world.

Most of the time you need to arrange another time with Mr. A.

But you also have to impress Mr. B during the Interview.

And you have to quickly spot out his role & ask smart questions.

If you want to know more about Interview skills & download my Interview Tips for Free.

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Keith Lau - Your Recruitment Adviser

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