When I was a student, there were many recruitment talks, e.g. Big 4 or i-Banks!

When I was a student, there were many recruitment talks, e.g. Big 4 or i-Banks!

As I'm not studying from a "TOP" school, they won't approach us. I know even I apply & no one accepted.

After graduation & within 1 week, I started working in a small company, but I always dream of working for MNCs.

At that time, I think the only way is to Change Jobs! I trial and error, applied & interviewed for more than 300 jobs!

Today, I have a chance to worked for an i-bank & a few Fortune 500 firms. The reason why I share this story...

Always think outside of the box, equip well with your Career skills & keep networking rely on LinkedIn.

If you don't have a job right now, make your own project, study a short course, or freelancing to gain exposure.

Tell people you are fully utilizing your time & upgrading yourself. By doing this, you'll create a value prop & able to explore the possibilities!

You have nothing to lose during #COVID19 but everything to gain. If you want to know more Careers Skills...

I do have a FREE 100 mins. Masterclass for you to learn, just Like this post and Comment: "Masterclass" below!

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