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What to do after layoffs?

What to do after layoffs?

I bet you don't have any plans... And you know what?

Unemployment rate in India has spiked to 23% because of the lockdown.

Unemployment rate in the USA is 15%. Many companies are very conservative now.

But terminations & retrenchment continue. In Singapore, someone committed suicide because of this.

Hey my friend... Recession is here. It is right NOW.

Do YOU know what to do?

Are you wondering where your next paycheck will come from?

Are you wondering how you'll continue meeting basic needs with all pay cuts?

Are you wondering if you might be the next one to lose your job?

We understand your pain and worry.

Even you Perform in your Job doesn't mean your company Survives...

We have a BATTLE PROVEN solution.

We're going to offer this solution to you in a powerful live session named "Asian Dream Team"


Join in the 90 min LIVE session on 21st May to help you secure your dream job in 21 days!

1. Type "I AM IN" in the comment

2. Like & Share this post so it's beneficial solution reaches more people.

3. Follow us: Keith Lau, Nidhi, Cindi, JAMES

I'll send you the details afterward! See you!

Register: Go to nextRoles page, click the "Sign up" button!

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