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What to consider for the best, ideal job that suitable for you?

What to consider for the best, ideal job that suitable for you?

For many professionals, your current work can be frustrating because it fails to be a good match for you.

You need to find a perfect, dream job that match your skills, interests, strengths, expertise, and background.

If you are going to put energy into searching your next roles, you need to know the following:

❓ What are the things you enjoyed most, or you like it and you are good at doing at your current job?

❓ What are the elements you disliked your job? Is it your role, your team, your boss, your company culture?

❓ What have you enjoyed most during your social life, studies, training, volunteering work or even hobbies?

❓ What kind of jobs advertisement attracted you? Or what jobs that your friends are doing fascinate you?

❓ Think about your previous work experience, when you had a great day at work, what is it in for you?

❓ If you could try someone else’s job, what would it be?

❓ If all jobs paid you the best possible salary, what work would you choose to do?

❓ What topics do you enjoy talking with your friends?

Write down all of the above and think about it tonight to review if you need to consider to change your job?


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