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What Recruiters Don't Want You to Know

What Recruiters Don't Want You to Know

1. We receive hundreds of inMails and people ask for jobs.

Don't pester the recruiter, or it can backfire and cost you the Interview you wanted.

2. Recruiters ask for your salary is to test the water!

Because we will not help you to fight for the best salary, but to ensure the deal.

3. We never feedback to you if your Resume doesn't sell.

Creating a resume that is too general or too long is a major problem for you.

4. Your CV not necessarily needs to match with the Job Description.

Most of the Job Advertised are generic and not necessarily reflect the 'True' Job Duties!

5. #Jobseekers email and inquiry will be the LOWEST possible priority.

The recruiter never sits and reads through your resume and unlikely to reply to you.

Do you want to know more about HR Secrets and learn the recruiting process??

So that you can excel in your next Interivew and submitted a CV that can pass the HR?

Also, do you want more Masterclass?? I can reveal other secrets to help you as well!

Interested to know more, I do have a masterclass:

- Like & comment: Masterclass

- Send me a Direct Message, then I'll send you the link to access!


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