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What Michael Jordan Can Teach Us About How to Succeed in Your Job Search!

What Michael Jordan Can Teach Us About How to Succeed in Your Job Search!

Many of my students have 4 offers on hands, and they don't know which one to choose...

Many of my students secured Interviews after my advice on their CVs.

Many of my students get hired within a few weeks only!

So what you have to do today: CHANGE your mindset.

Apply a lot of roles consistently, professionally...

Identified your target market & industry, particularly ideal Job Title!

Approach the HR, Recruiters, and Hiring Manager directly...

Don't be afraid of the Rejections; you have to Motivate Yourself.

But you have to revise your CV & enhance Interview skills.

Review them, learn from the mistakes, and do not repeat the same errors.

Even in the current crisis... Work hard & you will SUCCEED!!

If you have any difficulties & encounter any problems during your job search.

Welcome you to contact me & I'll try my best to help you!

Send me a personalized invite to connect with me, OR a direct message.

I'm happy to assist with your career planning, CV, Interview, Job search direction, and strategy.

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