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What I never knew about I was rejected because of AGE!

What I never knew about I was rejected because of AGE!

A case from my student who was ghosted by the recruiter.

They called & said I'll help you try "this opportunity"!

Recruiter said you are perfectly fit for the role.

My student was very happy & waiting for good news for the Interview.

Prepared a lot, revised the CV, research the company well...

However after 1 week... No news! Call the recruiter to ask what's going on.

Hoping it is Not being on hold because of the Crisis.

Recruiter said: you are rejected because of the age.

Wow.. why can be so direct to mention this kind of feedback?

My student was upset, feel angry & depressed.

Is it anything wrong with the age?

We can't go back to the young, but we definitely have the experience to help!!

We can add value to companies because we have the work experience!

So, how can the recruiter mention about the Age is a problem.

If you want to secure your dream job & learn how to work with better Recruiters...

We team up 4 Asia Recruitment Experts, we'll have a LIVE event tomorrow!

We will teach you what you need to do! Interested to learn more?

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