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What I learned in 10 years for changing 35 jobs!

What I learned in 10 years for changing 35 jobs!

You need to have PLAN B for your Career!

If you only have plan A, what happens?

When your employer has a plan B that doesn't involve you?

YOU are OUT!

HSBC to resume massive restructuring, cut 35,000 jobs!

It doesn't matter how loyal, passionate, or hardworking you are.

You gotta go when they tell you you gotta go.

Plan A is NOT the only way!

More Employers are doing their retrenchment.

This is the reality of the current situation - said by the CEO

Confirmed 9.06M #covid19 cases, 471K deaths!

Economies everywhere are dead due to #coronavirus.

Wanna know how you can have a Plan B for your career?

Wanna prepare for some Career skills beforehand?

We have a 60 mins Free Webinar and I will share with you...

The company Plan B and what is the impact behind you.

2. Like and Share this post as an alert to your friends

3. Comment below "B" so that I will send you the link to join our Free Webinar.

Complete the steps, you will receive the details and be SAFE in this environment.

And you will learn skills from 4 Asia Recruitment experts with 20+ years of combined experience.

Excited? I can't wait to empower you as well!


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