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What I learned from my LinkedIn Live this morning!

What I learned from my LinkedIn Live this morning!

So far, I have conducted 3 LinkedIn Live with Guests.

Not only the audience can learn from my guest, but I also can too.

Brian Golod raised a point as if you have more rounds of Interviews.

It's actually a bad thing. Comment below, what do you think?

From the HR point of view, it makes the decision making more complicated.

As more parties involved, the hiring process prolonged as well.

People will tend to focus on the negative & have a misconception about the candidate.

It's not necessary to have 4 or 5 rounds of Interview to decide if you are the right fit.

I've witnessed many times, the company will have lots of internal discussions.

Seems they don't want to hire anyone & must have to find the "perfect" one!

On the other way round is, what do think about working for that indecision culture?

A company has to figure out in order to attract the best talents, less is more!

I have worked for a company that always needs 4 to 5 rounds of Interview.

And I received a lot of my recruiter friends said, I will not help that company to hire.

Because we don't know when & how they will make the hiring decision.

Reality is 99% of your Interview should never go beyond 3 rounds.


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