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What does it take to become an Employer of Choice?

What does it take to become an Employer of Choice?

Great candidates want to work for great companies.

Coronavirus outbreak impacted the work culture.

Workplace flexibility is important for employees.

Employers need to develop an employer brand strategy.

Not just means a business has a great working environment.

We don't need ping pong tables & free drinks.

But a transparent & open form of communication.

And has some sort of balance between work & personal life.

Rewards are necessary to encourage positive reinforcement.

And also to build a strong team & provide supports.

More importantly, focus on training & development.

So you are able to attract & retain the best staff.

My upcoming Live will invite Sam Neo to talk about this.

He is a storyteller & Top 10 APAC HR Branding Consultant.

He will tell you why good culture sustains employee enthusiasm.

Because 84% of job seekers say the reputation is important.

55% will abandon applications after reading negative reviews.

In our Live, we will share with you more stories across Asia.

Date & Time: March 25th, 2020 (Monday) at 10:00pm (UTC +8)

Happiness means more Productivity! We can't wait to share more!

If you have any questions to ask us, please leave your comments.


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