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What does it mean to be "OVERQUALIFIED?"

What does it mean to be "OVERQUALIFIED?"

Possibly that: ๐Ÿ‘‡

Comment below - share your recent Interview experiences & Let's see what can I help?

1. Your qualifications are a threat to the Interviewer

2. Employers think you won't be willing to perform admin/repetitive tasks.

3. You are too old in their eyes (or feel that you just need a job!)

4. Company is worried they can't meet your salary expectations.

5. It is believed your expectation is not the current role, so may get bored.

6. You didn't perform well in the interview, but they don't want to tell you that.

7. They don't see you fit with the culture or the workplace.

8. Employers think you are taking the job to bridge a gap, and won't hang around for long.

9. You are genuinely too qualified for a specific role :)

"Over-qualified" is a sad term used by far too many hiring managers and recruiters.

How do I hire??

Based on these criteria, in this order of importance:

- Attitude

- Skill/ability to perform the role.

- Future potential or past experience/achievements.

- Workplace fit.

- Academic qualifications.

What else matters? Comment below! ๐Ÿ‘‡

Keith LAU - Your Recruitment Adviser

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