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What do you want to achieve by 2020?

The Year 2020 is coming.. Happy New Year!!

Do you have any dreams or goals in the next decade??

Recently, more and more people inbox me..

Not only they ask me personal career questions but also they said to me: "Thank you. I'm delivering great and valuable contents for them."

So I promise I will try my best to post more interesting and relevant contents..

And to help and impact more people in need by providing career advice to them.

I believe in 2020, I could help more companies for their employer branding projects..

By 2020, I also want to increase my LinkedIn followers from 17K to 25K.

How about you? Comment below so we can share your goals for 2020?

(Note: I have increased my connections from around 15K to Max. out of 30K in 3 months. So I actually achieved one of the targets very quickly.)


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