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We need a coach when we learn how to drive!

We need a coach when we learn how to drive!

We need a coach when we learn how to swim!

But why don't we need a Career Coach?? Hm… I know why… 👇

I changed 35 jobs and applied/interviewed 300 jobs when I was Young...

I have no idea what I was doing in my career...

I just figure things out and trial and error for a long time…


Changing Jobs not necessarily having a better future, and maybe getting worse!

Luckily, I've changed to the HR and Recruitment Industry and helping people now...

So I wanted to contribute back to the LinkedIn Community...

I have a personalized Career Assessment Program that can understand more about you!!

I have a FREE Masterclass for you too!!

If you are interested to learn more and want to know your career roadmap, please do:

- Comment: Career

- Like this post and Follow Keith LAU for more career advice

- Share this post = caring for your own network!

Send me a Direct Message if you are having difficulties in...

- Revised Resume

- Preparing Interviews

- Secure More Interviews

- Answering Interview Questions

- Turning Interview into OFFER & negotiate salary

Love to know what difficulties you are facing and provide help.


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