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We HIRED a candidate with a 2-year employment gap.

We HIRED a candidate with a 2-year employment gap. She was talented and cleared all rounds of Interviews. As an HR, when I asked the candidate, do you have any questions... 👇

The candidate said: "Why didn't you drill on and asked about my employment gap?"

I simply replied, "being on both sides of the Interview process gave me a different perspective.

You know what... Life happens! As long as you have the skills and right attitude for the job, that's our main focus.

Someone took a chance on me and I am going to take a chance on you!

I have learned over the years if you want the best talent, STOP looking for perfection.

Indeed, it does not exist! Only the suitable one will come up~

Resumes don't perform the jobs, that's why we need Interviews.

HR is a people business, so we hire people and not resume.

We don't mind if there is an employment gap, but hiring for Attitude!

Thanks for your question and Interview with us!" - Keith LAU

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