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We got LinkedIn completely wrong, unreal!

We got LinkedIn completely wrong, unreal!

We have been growing our personal accounts.

We should have built our company pages.

Yesterday, I built one NEW company page:

The engagement was 14x better than I get.

Result? I've got 2,023 followers organically.

On top of that, I was able to boost my post.

I will be running a webinar to share what I did.

If you want to learn all this I will teach how.

Ask me for the link in the comments.

Wow, eight months getting 69,000 followers.

And in one month I was able to get 13,000 there.

I will keep sharing everything I learn with you.

I won't be ignoring my company pages now.

I have created three pages now, more coming.

Everyone starts with 0 followers when you posted.

Another page has 1,954 followers as well.

I can't wait to teach everyone how to do this.

Interested to receive the link to the webinar, please:

- Follow Keith LAU - Your LinkedIn Branding Trainer

- Comment: PAGE

- Like and share this post

Or visit the Win The LinkedIn page to learn more!

Let's get some sales and leads from the company page!



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