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We are from Hong Kong & Speak Cantonese - Our LinkedIn Live!

Are you HongKonger & Speak Cantonese - Watch this LinkedIn Live!

We are going to conduct it today: Mar 30th (Mon) at around 10:30pm.

I'll have casual chat with JAMES FOK🔅 about Recruitment & utilize LinkedIn.

We have started using LinkedIn to produce career-related content since Q4 2019.

Our posts reached more than 8.5 million views & attracted almost 38K followers.

Do you want to know how we can achieve it?

LinkedIn has future potential for online business.

Whether you are looking for jobs, building your personal branding, or getting more leads.

We suffered from Social Movement, then #Coronavirus outbreak.

But we tried our best & utilized LinkedIn; able to generate more than HKD100,000.

Topics for tonight could be sharing our views on the current economic situation.

Sharing about how to hire & attract your staff, the job market right now during #Covid19.

We will also be sharing about how to find your jobs, e.g. what you can do if unemployed.

We can talk about how you can start your LinkedIn presence & engage with audiences.

If you are interested to learn about our journey & utilize Linkedin to earn extra money.

Please watch this Live (on my account) & leave your questions in the comment.

We want to share with you LinkedIn is a goldmine & how powerful LinkedIn is.

Keith Lau #nextRoles


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