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Watch Me increased 16K followers in 3 months

Watch Me increased 16K followers in 3 months

Since I started to produce career-related content at LinkedIn in Dec 2019.

I have gained the trust & maxed out of 30,000 connections in 3 months.

I have more than 180 posts (content, video & photo) that attract millions of views.

I don't realize the potential that I can work with amazing people worldwide.

My expertise & recruitment knowledge can help people covered 5 continents.

I will have weekly LinkedIn Live & worked with other experts as well.

Also, I have sales nearly every day & more than 100 customers shortly.

Build from scratch, I can generate more than USD2K extra revenue every month.

I do think LinkedIn has great potential & organic reach for many people.

I met a lot of friends & build a relationship with people that I don't know before.

It is an interesting journey & I would like to share with you what I did.

I am not an expert but if you are looking for additional sources of income stream.

This is something possible & if I am able to do it, you can do it too!

I am going to hold a Webinar if you are interested to learn more, please:

- Follow Me for Career Advice

- Please Like & Share this post

- Comment "LinkedIn" below

- Send me a DM to notify me

I will send you the detail afterward. #nextRoles #socialmedia



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