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Warning! These 5 Things are Bad for your CV!

Warning! These 5 Things are Bad for your CV!

- Include Old & Irrelevant Information in your resume

such as old career & education that is not related to your current profession

- Include Creative errors regarding your Sensitive Personal Data

such as mentioned your Father, Mother, Son, or Daughter name, etc.

- Include inappropriate information which is not helpful at all

or mentioned your Height, Weight, Your Motto or Signature, etc.

- You CV with bad formatting, inappropriate Font, Lots of Logo and Tables

particularly written Too Long, Too Packed with Text, but very generic

- You exaggerate your Job title, Job Nature, and seems you are superman in your role

sometimes also deliberately write a wrong employment period to cover your gaps

As a Recruitment Adviser, I'm still reading 800 CVs per month & focus on CV Editing.

I would like to offer my help to REVIEW your CV & LinkedIn profile as well.

I'll do it for FREE for the First 5 People if they do All the following:

- LIKE this post

- SHARE this to your network, write: "CV Tips"

- Leave a Comment: "REVIEW" below

- Follow Keith Lau - Your Recruitment Adviser for More Career Advice

- Send me a Direct Message, or connect with me (send me a Personalized Invite)


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