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Want to see what a professional COVER LETTER looks like? 👇

Want to see what a professional COVER LETTER looks like? 👇

Here is a SAMPLE to guide you, however, this is NOT a template!!

This is the Disruptive Cover Letter I want to send to Bill Gates! 🤣🤣

BTW, I do have a Cover Letter guide that you can download if you join my proven 30 days "Get Hired" program.

All cover letters should be individualized and tailored to each individual job description.

My sample is just for your reference and it's not the perfect one!

But I hope you got some insights and have a "CREATIVE" cover letter that helps you!

For more FREE job seeker resources, I have a FREE blog on my website.

The link is in the comments BELOW, you can have the 670 Free articles instantly.

You will learn more regarding your Careers, CV, Interview, Job Search strategies, etc..

My goal is to help everyone get a job, empower you and teach you all critical skills!

I do have an ATS-Free CV Template and FREE 100 mins Masterclass for you NOW!

Interested, please do this:

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- Follow Keith LAU

- Comment: LETTER below, so that I know how to send you the link!

Special thanks to LinkedIn for being the platform to help us make our mission POSSIBLE!

Keith LAU - Your Recruitment Adviser


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