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Want Recruiters offers you more Job Opportunities?

Want Recruiters offers you more Job Opportunities? Amazing Function to Try Right Now!

Besides building your personal branding & you may also want Recruiters to visit your profile?

Try using the "Open to Job Opportunities" function from #LinkedIn, Recruiters love it!

You can activate or disable it anytime. (See my video demo)

Find that button by click Jobs, then select Career Interests.

Or when you viewed your own profile, you should be able to see it.

You should enter your preferred job titles, job locations, and job types too.

For privacy issues, you can choose Only Recruiters or All LinkedIn Members can see.

Surprisingly there are not many people actually using it or indicated their preferences.

You can see I tried to search "Peter", there are only 3 out of 25 indicated they are Open.

And there is just one did input job titles, job locations, and job types.

Recruiters will have a preference for those who are Open & willing to contact them!

If you decided to make a career change, why not use this function?

If you want to learn more LinkedIn tricks, I do have a Webinar to teach you all you need.

Write "Webinar" in the comment below to let me know and I will contact you afterward.


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