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Video Interview Do's and Dont's

Video Interview Do's and Dont's

Do you know Technical Setup for Video Interview is very Important?

Other than research & prepare your Interview questions, what else do you need to aware of?

- Prepare exactly as if you will meet your Interviewer face to face

- Every time you do the Video Interview or even Phone Interview please find a quiet place

- Ensure the Internet Connection and fully charge your laptop

- Ensure your lighting and your background environment

- Adjust your Web Camera to your Eye-level (same as when you sit down face to face)

- Sit in a comfortable chair or stand up but don't move around

- Test and check your video and audio is working, with your friends

- Close unnecessary web browsers and applications when you are conducting Interview

- Always login around 5 mins before the Interview start

- Don't forget to smile, speak slowly and looks friendly!

If you need to learn more about how to excel in the Interview, I do have a Masterclass for you.

Topic: 5 Winning Steps to Get Any Job in Interview

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