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Video CV For the Camera Shy #jobseekers??

Video CV For the Camera Shy #jobseekers??

Noticed that we need to think out of the box & be creative in searching for jobs!

Not only you can mail out my CV, but also shoot a video to show your value.

I'm sure a short few minutes video will help your personal branding as well.

Video CV is increasing in popularity but may not be suitable for every type of job.

Instead of replacing the traditional resume, it is used to supplement the job application.

It is to highlight your skills, expertise, personality, and also your work achievements!

It can grab your HR/ Recruiter/ Hiring Manager's attention & a positive impression.

Some advantages of doing this:

- Stand out from the Crowd, in fact, not many people doing this

- Showcase your creativity, and shoot video is not that easy

- Display your personality, so you have to write your script!

- Demonstrate particular skills, particularly to solve people's major problem!

There are some technical aspects when filming it.. but I just want to give you the idea.

If you want to learn more, I have teamed up with 3 more Career Coaches in Asia...

We have a Live event to help you secure your dream job in 21 days!

Interested?? Please do:

- Like & share this post

- Comment: I AM IN

- Register: go to nextRoles, click: "Sign Up!"


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