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Unstable resume = Limited interview chance❓❓

Unstable resume = Limited interview chance❓❓

I have a candidate with an unstable resume as he changed jobs every few years.

He told me he has difficulties in having more interviews... 😤

Today if you are a hiring manager or HR when you see an unstable work history CV...

But you find the candidate's skill-set and background is relevant...

Why not invite them to meet?

Can you please give them a chance to explain their reason?

Everyone has a story to tell & everyone has something to offer.

They are great! Just some reasons as if they change jobs at some point.

I've changed 35 jobs... because someone BELIEVED in me.

I'm doing Recruitment and Career Coaching right now inspired millions of people!

So, don't just hire people based on the resume (or papers!)

Hiring for attitude. What are your thoughts? Comment below! 👇

I am giving out my Free 100 mins Masterclass & ATS-Free CV Template.

All you need to do is:

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