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Uncomfortable Truth About #Coronavirus

Uncomfortable Truth About #Coronavirus

Darker outlook & a global recession may be expected.

Economic stagnation is now spreading as fast as #covid19

National quarantines & a deteriorating business environment.

This will lead to layoffs, salary cuts & loss of job vacancies!

Research shows that 62% think their income is going to be negatively affected.

77% saying they could lose their jobs because of the virus outbreak.

While another wave of infections remains a real possibility.

Most Government imposes a lot of regulations, e.g. social distancing.

The economic uncertainty is greater than the global financial crisis.

The only certainty is a lot of businesses/people remain conservative.

During the threat affecting hundreds of thousands of people.

How do you cope with the risk & to prepare for the near future?

Apart from preventing infection & slowing the spread of the new virus.

There are not many job opportunities out there & business cut budgets.

You should develop alternative sources of income to help pay the bills.

I would like to share with you how to make money online & utilize LinkedIn.

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