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Ugly truth about Recruitment...

The ugly truth about Recruitment...

I would like to share with you this --> Recruitment is a numbers game!

There is NO winning formula about Job Search.

I’ve been trained by renowned recruitment agencies, and let me tell you all the agency recruiter / recruitment consultant know this:

- We have low visibility about the hiring process of the company; We cannot control the offer from the company and how many times we just chasing for feedback and call the HR but no luck??

- We have very little control over our candidates, such as we don’t know how many offers or job they’ve applied, we don’t involve in the Interview and we are just trying our best to convince them to take the job offer.

That’s why all the recruitment firm needs to meet everybody and do a lot of business development!

Hey, here is the question for you to think.. if you are a hiring manager, how many candidates you will need to meet before you made up your mind to hire 1 person?

How many CVs do you need to select/shortlist before you decided to go for an Interview?

And guess, how many CVs/ applications you need to have enough choices?


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