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Tried & sent 100+ CVs but no responses. Give up!?

Tried & sent 100+ CVs but no responses.

Give up!

Tried & sent many messages to HR but no responses.

Give up!

Tried to connect with the CEO but still no responses too!

Give up!

Tried Interviews for few times but fail... GIVE UP again???

If you GIVE UP... you must FAIL!

If you Don't Give Up, you will have a 50% Chance!!

Agree? Who is with me?

Is Giving Up an option??

Comment below for what do you think? 👇

By the way… a soft reminder:

Don’t just send 1,000+ CVs without any job search strategies or before revising your CV!

This is not a proper, as well as not Professional way.

I’m going to show you the WINNING Formula!

Do you want to grab this chance to learn more and get my ATS-Free CV Template too?

I can also provide 100 mins. Career Masterclass for FREE as well.

Now, please do:

1. Follow Keith LAU – Your Talent and Business Winning Partner for more Career Advice in the future!

2. Like or share this post to inspire more people

3. Comment: “Resume” below, so that I know how to connect with you

Completed the steps, I will send you the link & details.

I can’t wait to empower and help more people!


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