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TOP URGENT!! This is my resume!!

TOP URGENT!! This is my resume!!

I need to find a job!! I request your help - spread to every recruiter in this world.

Please Like and Share! I am open to work in any location, anytime, anywhere.

--> HANG ON!! Hey dude, does this really work??

I've seen lots of similar posts like that and they tagged me!

Not only that, but they also used 30 hashtags & probably tagged 30 recruiters too!

Understand from my heart, they really need & desperate to find a job.

But that CV has many pages, packed with words, all table format...

And they listed hundreds of SKILLS they have! Marvelous!!

Gyus... What kind of responses should I give them??

CV is your professional document & contains personal info.

And you need other people to send it to everyone through social media?!

Is that really helping your job search??

Comment below and advise me... What should I do if I was tagged?

Please change your mindset and seek help from your recruitment adviser.

I have a Webinar - What are the creative ways to change jobs without applying in 2020.

If you want to know more, please:

-Comment "Webinar"

-Share this post, write: "Don't do that!"

-Then notify me & send me a Direct Message (it's free to do so)


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