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Tonight, 4 of us are going to empower you!

Tonight, 4 of us are going to empower you!

To Win the Career Game during this crisis.

To Secure Your Dream Offer in 21 Days!!

You can change your career, have unlimited Interviews & prepare well for Interviews.

4 of Asia Recruitment Experts will have the LIVE event for 90mins.

With 141,600 Followers & 36+ years of combined Recruitment & Career Coaching experience!

Our Career Avengers want to guarantee you to have a job & HOPE!

Date & Time: May 21st, 2020 (Thursday) at 9:30 pm HKT (UTC +8)

Here is what you will GET:

✅ At least 15 mins sharing of each speaker for valuable content and action-packed format

✅ Provided our proven tools, tips and techniques for you to secure an offer steps by steps

✅ 8 Digital downloads (2 from each of us) that are worth at least 10x the admission fee!

You'll also enjoy the recordings of the LIVE event too!

If you want to learn more & interested to join us now?


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- Register at nextRoles, click the "Sign Up" button!

And Bonus: you can watch the LinkedIn Live replay of the event "Preview" here for 50 mins!

See you tonight! Can't wait to help!

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